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TOP 5 Things Every Buyer Should Do Right After They Closed On Their NEW HOME

Here are 5 tips for your clients that will help keep the burglars at bay and their home and loved ones safe and sound. 1. CHANGE ALL DOOR LOCKSThe first thing you must do before you

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Keep Your Shoes On Why You Want Buyers To Wear Their Shoes

There's a really wild discussion going on in a realtor group right now regarding whether buyers should be required to take off their shoes during showings. If you're a seller, you want buyers to

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How To Find FHA Friendly Townhomes

Many buyers are looking for low downpayment options.  The most common type of loan available is an FHA loan at 3.5%.  However finding properties which CAN accept FHA loans in Miami isn't

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Bad Credit Stopping You From Buying A Home Tips To Improving Your Credit

- Make at least the minimum payment on all of your bills on time.- Try to use less than 30% of your available credit limits.- Don't apply for new debt - even applying for a new credit card can

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